Why Seek therapy?

The choice to seek therapy can be a very positive step in creating the change in ones life. Working with a psychologist can assist you to address obstacles in your life, be it feelings, thoughts, or behaviours, that are preventing you from feeling fulfilled, or living life to its greatest potential. Seeing a psychologist can also greatly assist in addressing painful emotions and mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. Therapy can provide individuals with practical tools and strategies to use as a way to reduce the psychological symptoms of these issues.

Common struggles that many individuals on the Autism Spectrum can experience and have sought assistance for have included OCD type behaviours, relationship issues, stress and coping, significant life changes, trauma and abuse, workplace conflict and bullying, anxiety, depression, social skills and networking, communication techniques, grief and loss, sleep issues, and self-esteem/self-worth.  

At the Autism Psychology Centre, we tailor therapy specifically to those on the Autism Spectrum and honour each individuals needs, strengths, and struggles to create a treatment plan and approach that works specifically for you! 


Therapy does not need to last for a long time, it can be a brief few sessions, or longer if needed, depending on the individuals requirements.


Below is a list of issues that are covered by Medicare that are eligible for rebates to make access to therapy more accessible for everyone. 

What types of issues can i receive therapy for under medicare?

In 2006 Medicare introduced the Better Access to Mental Health Scheme. This initiative is now widely used, and provides assistance to anyone experiencing particular psychological difficulties. Whilst Austim Spectrum presentations are not covered under medicare, the following difficulties are: 


These include:

·      Anxiety disorders

·      Adjustment disorders

·      Depression

·      Phobic disorders

·      Panic disorder

·      Sleep problems

·      Obsessive compulsive disorder

·      Co-occurring anxiety and depression

·      Alcohol use disorders

·      Drug use disorders

·      Sexual disorders

·      Conduct disorders

·      Bereavement disorders

·      Post-traumatic stress disorder

·      Eating disorders

·      Attention deficit disorder

·      Schizophrenia

·      Bipolar disorder

·      Psychotic disorders

The Autism Psychology Centre does NOT treat "Autism" rather we work with the presenting issues, stresses, and other potential diagnosis that an individual on the Autism Spectrum might experience. We AIM to tailor therapy to each individual within the context of Autism Spectrum Presentaions.

Support for family, partners, & friends

The Autism Psychology Centre not only provides therapy services to adults on the Autism Spectrum, but also to friends, family members, and partners. Sessions frequently aim to provide information, skills, awareness, and strategies to assist individuals in their relationships with their significant other. Often it can be helpful to discuss different ways to communicate and to review relationship expectations as a means to increase relationship satisfaction and decrease conflict or distress for both parties.  

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